My Mix Tape

Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday to share the soundtrack to my life.

Today's theme is for everyone to share their life's mix tape and what songs would be the soundtrack to different stages of your life. 

This should be fun and slightly embarrassing.

I don't remember this much because I was a baby but I'm told that wherever I was in the house, when the Young and the Restless Theme Song came on I would stop what I was doing, turn my head and listen. The song is called Nadia's Theme by Henry Mancini.

I definitely agree with you Andrea, I grew up watching the The Elephant Show too but I loved the end song and sang it all the time. So here is Skinnamarink.

Guys I'm a theme song junky. I had plenty of outside time, trust me but I loved my TV shows and I could sing just about any TV show theme song of my childhood. So I'm going to spare you and share just a few.

I loved Pee-wee's Playhouse. I still have his playhouse and dolls at my Mom's house.

Mary Poppins

Kids Incorporated. (note a young Fergie was on this show)

My first Movie The Little Mermaid.

At christmas time my brother and I would get out an old record player we had and a record set from Readers Digest and play our favorite christmas songs on repeat -- of course Home Alone had just come out that year so we would speed up the records to make it sound like chipmunks singing. It has the usuals of 12 Days of Christmas, All I want for christmas is my two front teeth, white christmas...

Speaking of Christmas, the year Hanson came out with their Hanson Snowed In soundtrack, my best Friend Leslie and I would would dance the Christmas break away in our socks on a big white board with only a black light on.

I loved Hocus Pocus from the moment it came out. Again, Halloween nut here. I was putting a spell on everything in my house.

In the 90s my brother and I would come home from school and watch Nickelodeon. The usual, All That; The Secret World of Alex Mack, Figure it Out; What Would You Do?; GUTS...The list goes on.

Lately, I have come across BuzzFeeds with "Things that kids today could never understand" and one of them talks about recording your favorite song from the radio. I remember listening to Casey Kasem in the morning, waiting hours for Celine Dions My Hear Will Go On. Of course it was #1 on the charts for weeks and after hours of waiting I was finally able to record the song to a tape. 

Guys, this song I am about to show you, Holy Moly. I had no idea... Looking back, how horrible was this song? It was a kids song that played on Disney and I recorded it so I could learn the whole thing. I can still sing it all to this day. (excuse me while I hide in a corner out of shame, just listen to those lyrics. No really. Give it a good listen)

Pretty much any show on the WB in the 90s. You got your Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rosewell, 7th Heaven. Getting into when it transformed into the CW...Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Smallville, One Tree Hill.

Saturday mornings with S Club 7. 

In Middle School, my friend Ashlee and I loved the movie She's All That. Oh the late hours dancing to Fatboy Slims Rockafeller Skank. YESSSS!!!

I have ALL of Britney Spears' CDs. She's my Jam!!

I was a nanny for nearly 10 years and the little girl I watched, picked up from school, basically was my little sister, loves country music. I am not a fan but would listen for her. Our favorite song though to sing together...

I love all the old Disney Channel Original Movies and when Halloween Town 2 came out I was obsessed with the end credits song. I recorded the movie on my high-tech VHS player and played that song over and over again to learn the song. I sing it every halloween.

I remember before we knew Napster and Limewire were illegal, I would look for all of my favorite theme songs and put them on CDs to play in the car. I still have these CDs. It wasn't really until High School that I really listened to any other kind of music. 

I discovered the GooGoo Dolls...

I went to my first concert, Matchbox Twenty

Went thru a mini punk stage...

I wish I could find the albums I had of some good punk albums of local bands in Panama City.
I definitely made my "sad" CD. I didn't really have an "I hate the world" phase but I lumped these in with my more emotional times...

And these songs...

I used to dream of moving to California. For my 18th birthday I got to visit family friends in San Pedro. I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean and pretended I had just got back in from catching some waves. (btw how many times can you say California in a song?)

Well that is about sums up my mix tape before I met my now Husband. Jonathan (my husband) has amazing taste in music and after meeting him, I am more open to new, eclectic and a more wide range of music.

Mix Tape Vol 2
I discovered the Avett Brothers in 2006 and we went to see them live in 2007. 

My husband grew up preforming in musicals so even though he doesn't listen to musical soundtracks, I discovered them about this time.

Love Guster...

And some Ben Folds (this video features Regina Spector, love her too)...

Bruno Mars. His halftime performance in 2014 was AMAZING! He has a very talented team.

Ever since Taylor Swift put out her 1989 album, I have been in love. That girl is one smart business woman.

And lastly, some interesting music continues to play at my house, currently, due to our love for cheesy 80s movies. It makes for a fun soundtrack to our day to day lives (I feel like a superhero just doing the dishes)...

I'd say this is a pretty good representation of my mix tape. Hope you enjoy. 




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