Monday, January 16, 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have the day off today and will be spending it with my favorite Nephew and Sister-in-Law. Hope you all have the day off too! So I will leave you with my absolute favorite MLK quote. 

Xoxo, Lynsey

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Y'all!

Today, I am linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika for Friday Favorites.

1) In keeping with my goals and trying to stay away from processed foods and less sugar, one thing that is my favorite are raw cocao bars. And no I didn't spell that wrong.

I have a huge sweet tooth. I LOVE me some sugar and thats not a good thing for this Hypoglycemic gal (or anyone for that matter). So one way to help keep me from the bad stuff is not saying "No" completely to sweets. Raw dark chocolate is actually good for you and it really only takes just a bite or two and your craving is gone. Stick to the higher percentages and it may take you a short while to get used to the bitter taste. Keep at it though and you won't regret it.

2) Chalk board messages.


I have a chalkboard in my kitchen and I just love writing messages on it. It changes with the seasons and holidays and Birthdays, of course. I promise to post more of these.

3) My Yin and Yang Dip

If you haven't read Wednesday's post on how easy it is to make this delicious dip, I highly suggest that you head on over to that post next. So yummy and I don't know why we only make this once a year.

4) Three day weekends!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Family is coming into town. The rest of the Christmas decorations come down. It is going to be a great weekend!

Xoxo, Lynsey

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yin and Yang Appetizer

Last year I teased a delicious appetizer that my husband's family has always made for Christmas. This is the Yin and Yang Dip.

My first Christmas experience with my Husband (then boyfriend), he raved about the yin and yang dip his parents always make for Christmas day. Being the southern girl that I am, I am all about a good dip but when I heard that it had Caviar in it, I couldn't help but cringe. Little did I know that I would soon be falling in love with fish eggs. Hey, I love oysters, shrimp, crawfish, pretty much anything this Florida Panhandle girl can eat from the sea, why not caviar?

It is a little expensive because it has Caviar on top but if you plan it right, I can find jars for sale at my local grocery store (Publix) for $6.99 a jar. Thats a steal. But everything else, I bet you will already have on hand.

Here is what you need:
4 - boiled eggs
1 - 8oz. Cream Cheese
Red Lumpfish Caviar
Black Lumpfish Caviar
Green Onions

And that is all you need! 

So here is how you make it.

Step 1) About 2 hours before putting the whole thing together, begin to strain your caviar and have your cream cheese out and thawing. Its important to strain the caviar really good because you don't want the extra liquid to ruin your dip. Now is also a good time to boil your eggs if you haven't already.

Step 2) Peel your eggs and mash up the eggs into tiny little bits. I usually start with a fork and knife, cutting and slicing and then I continue with the fork, mashing up the eggs.

Step 3) Add your mayonnaise. Its up to you how much you want, my in-laws are super health conscious so we really only add just enough to moisten the eggs and keep them together. Maybe 1/4 cup. If that doesn't seem to be enough you can always mix in more. 

Step 4) Spread your cream cheese on the center of a plate. In the pictures, you can see that the plate has a dip down so it gives us a good edge to spread the cream cheese up to.

Step 5) Begin the process of making your yin and yang. Sorry I don't have a picture but highly with your knife, draw the swivel that will separate the two colors. Then do the same thing with the dots. And now fill in with your caviar, directly on top of the cream cheese. Don't go to the edge of the plate. I am going to have to figure out how you bloggers draw on your pictures but in the picture below, in the background you can see the plate with the caviar. 

Step 6) Add your egg mix to the edge of the caviar.

Step 7) Add a little bit of chopped up green onions and you are ready to go!

Serve with Bruchetta Chips such as Stacy's Bagel Chips and enjoy. 

Grab your chip, dig deep and get some cream cheese, caviar and top it with the egg spread and enjoy!
And don't listen to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, the Caviar is not a garnish, eat away!! 

Xoxo, Lynsey

Workin' It Wednesdays

Guess what day it is?!?! Hump Day!

Yes, I still say that pretty much every Wednesday. I try not to work for the weekends but weekends are just so much more fun for me and loving my week days is something I am trying to work on.

Speaking of, today, I am linking up with Mix & Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything for Workin' It Wednesdays!

Here is how it works; One Wednesday out of every month, you can link up with these lovely ladies and share how you are keeping "it" together. Check out the dates and topics below and link up your stories.

Today's topic is: New Year's Goals!!
Ok so I am not normally a New Years Goal kind of person, I feel like if you want to make a goal, do it whenever you want but this year, I am kind of feeling it. I have some goals that I would like to really focus on this year, so here they are.

1) Loving my Week Days. As I mentioned earlier, I am a "Working for the Weekend" kind of gal. But I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. I love my days, don't get me wrong but I want to not have to destress after a long day at work. This goal is going to take a lot of planning to achieve. Planning on my weekends. 
  • Planning Meals for the week ahead
  • Getting all clothes planned out for the week ahead
  • Being more spontaneous during the week. i.e.: Going to a bar, or a movie
Simple things that I am sure all of you do but I just haven't. I think setting aside that little time every weekend will really help me during the week.

2) Blogging more. I really want to blog more. I love reading everyones posts and there are so many great tidbits that I receive. I want to share and I also love looking back and reading about my life, one year ago. Community is important and I want to join in. Really and Truly. 

So I will be linking up with the bloggers from today and I hope to link up with Momfessionals and her Show and Tell Tuesdays and a few of my other favorite bloggers.

And most importantly I want to share some my favorite things in life, house goods, kitchen goods, bedroom good, anything and everything to make like grander.

3) Sugar intake. Another goal for the year and really for the next few months, is really watching my sugar and processed food intake. I have a huge sweet tooth. I'm not eating a crazy amount of sugar but there are so many processed foods out there with a ridiculous amount of sugar. My body doesn't need that. I am going to stick to veggies and protein, mostly organic from Lucky's Market. 

My local (and right around the corner from my house) 99% organic grocery store. Prices are super fair and I can find just about everything I need. 

4) Working out. I have a treadmill; A really nice treadmill that I barely use. That has to change. Living in Florida, it gets super hot and super humid and nearly impossible to run around my neighborhood in the afternoons so I bought a really nice treadmill for super cheap from some friends. So cardio coupled with a few Pure Barre classes a week, I think this will really help. 

A new studio is opening up close to my work so I am buying the pre-opening special and heading to some classes. I'm super stoked about this. I used to do this workout called Yoga Booty Ballet and I loved it. This seems very similar.

5) Reading. I used to love reading but after working on my Masters Degree, reading turned from being a fun hobby to a chore. I hated it. I really had a hard time finishing a book. When you have to constantly read about terrorism, torture, and international politics, you would probably lose your appetite for reading too.

I even had a hard time reading my all time favorites that I have read at least a dozen times, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice. It was just as though my brain kept telling me "nope, not today." I just couldn't focus. Well that started about two years ago and I am finally starting to get back in the mood. I'm starting small with some fun comic books.

My fabulous husband got me Lumberjanes for Christmas and then took me to the library and we found Gotham Academy. So far, I am still going strong. I'll start out small and work my way up to some spiritual books maybe by summer. I really want to read Oprahs book What I know for Sure. 

Who knows, maybe i'll get that next. I'm really glad and relieved that I'm finally coming out of my reading funk.

Well I have lot of other goals, garage cleanup, pantry organization but I think I would like to share my before and afters in future blog posts so thats good for now.

Tomorrow I want to share the Yin-Yang Dip recipe that my in-laws make every Christmas. It's so delicious, semi-easy to make and man will it impress your guests and yourself.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!! 

Xoxo, Lynsey