Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hola Bloggeritos!

Today, I am linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites.

1) To begin, my 8 year-old self is jumping for joy with the official release of Fuller House on Netflix.  Let the binge watching begin. 

2) My amazing hubby. I've been out of town visiting my nephew, brother, and sister-in-law in Texas and he stayed in Florida to take care of our 3 fur babies. Well, apparently I just do not travel well and I always seem to catch a cold no matter how much Airborne I take (any advice would be grateful) - So I came home sick and he jumped right in to help take care of me. Jonathan, you are definitely a favorite of mine.

3) This Garnier Clearly Brighter AntiPuff Eye Roller. You just roll it on when your eyes are looking a little tired and boom! Its like you've just placed some cucumbers on your eyes and your left with that refreshing feeling and less puffiness. I bought mine through Amazon Pantry.

4) My Metal Ware Corp Aroma Diffuser. I got this one from my favorite local spa Citrine Spa but you can find several options on Amazon or most likely, your local spa. I like to add some Eucalyptus and Lavender for a great relaxing scent that will fill your home and help with your allergies.

5) Office inspiration. My unit is moving into a brand new, fully renovated office space which means I get a clean sleight at decorating my new office. So here is some new office inspiration if you are looking to update your own office space. 

Click here to see my board - Office Inspiration

Happy Friday Everyone! Now back to binge watching some Fuller House. And some laundry.



Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello y'all!! TGIF! No really, Thank all that is Good in this world for Fridays.

Today, I am linking up with some of my most favorite bloggers, Andrea, Erika, and Narci, for Friday Favorites.

I'm a Florida girl through and through, so when temperatures reach 50's and below, I am sure to bundle up, including my hands. My favorite Coach Gloves are on sale for 50% off. I have them in Chocolate but they have them in Black, Classic Red and Violet too. I just know these would become your favorites too.

Coach Gloves in Chocolate.

Apparently, in January, I was late to work and missed the boat to order Girl Scout Cookies. I was so upset. Until my co-worker Sarah came to the rescue and allowed me to order my favorite boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and then I received them the very next day. Christmas all over again!

Samoas and Thin Mints are my favorite

My Dad was in the Military, so for the first 9 years of my life I lived in Virginia and I was heavy into Girl Scouts. I was a Daisy and then moved up to being a Brownie. I could easily say the Girl Scout pledge and sing the old Girl Scout songs. Unfortunately, when we moved to Florida, Girl Scouts was not very popular here and Troops were hard to find (its okay though, volleyball became my life anyway) but we always tracked down some Girl Scout Cookies. So track down your local Girl Scouts and get your favorites today (or wait till they show up at your grocery store entrances). 

My absolute favorite Girl Scout cookies of ALL time.

On a side note, when I was a Girl Scout (and this could be a regional thing) my favorite Girl Scout cookies were Juliettes. They were named after the founder and tasted just like a chocolate turtle - milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans. OMG I was so upset when they discontinued these and no one in Florida has seem to have EVER heard of them. They're real people and they were my absolute favorites!

 My new obsession...Pirate's Booty in Aged White Cheddar.  These are the absolute best baked rice and corn puffs you will ever have (besides the bad-for-you kind). I can find them at my local grocery store in the organic section. They have other flavors and WOW, they are soo good and a favorite worth mentioning.

Bordeaux Cake Stand

I am Love, love, loving this wooden pedestal from the Painted Fox. I just found this website and I love look and the rustic and vintage feel. It is a little out of my budget range but with all of the cakes I've been making lately, I may have to splurge. 

And my last favorite for the day are weekends with my hubby. I have a normal schedule but his schedule is all over the place. So sometimes I'm getting off work and he's just heading in. Most Saturday evenings and Sunday's though, we are both off which is awesome. So yummy dinners and possible outdoorsey adventures await!

Happy Friday y'all!! 



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life Lately...

Where did January go? No seriously. I cannot believe that February has arrived so quickly. Life lately has been so full, I think a moment to breath is in order and since we are in a Leap Year, we get 1 extra day to do just that.

So in true Lynsey fashion (totally random), here is a January recap and a little sneak peak into what February has in store.

We started the year off with some hiking. Jonathan has hiked some of the trails at Torreya State Park before as well as camped out here but this particular trail was new to all of us. The terrain was pretty moderate. It was hilly, sandy, and wet at times. The trail was about 6.5 miles. We all loved it.

Later in the month we celebrated this lady right here.

This is Sabrina and she has been in our lives for the last year bringing all sorts of feels and fun to our lives, including movie nights, camping, cooking with tomatoes, tacos and games. She recently accepted a position on the other side of the country in Portland, Oregon, where she will be living in her dream city with her dream job. We celebrated with a stylish dinner send off and champagne, of course!

We will miss you tons but can't wait for your visits.

Lately, I have been wanting to do a little baking. I've made some delicious gluten-free brownies, an awesome blue and white swirl cake and a double fudge cake. This makes my heart happy.

Down here in the South, we take Mardi Gras pretty seriously. Beads, king cake, beer. What can I say, any excuse to party with my neighbors. Last year, the Nuckol's clan (minus Mimi) went to New Orleans to celebrate.

We obviously made out like bandits - or hoarders. This year we came home to Panama City to celebrate in Downtown St. Andrews.

We also got to step into a local unfavorite for the first time ever. Tan Fannies.

I kid you not folks. This place is a dump right in the middle of downtown St. Andrews. The community has been trying to get rid of this place for years but the people just would not sell, until now. A family friend was able to nab this place up! We are all relieved and a celebration was in order. They held a private party to raise funds for the demolition. There was a pole dancing contest (shirts stayed on), drinks and special t-shirts. It was fun to see the inside and raise money for a great cause. Downtown St. Andrews will be booming next year!

Mother-in-Law and I, inside Tan Fannies

Besides all that, life has been going great for the Nuckols family.
Mika has been enjoying the cool weather and never wants to come back inside.

Eevee took a trip to the pet store and was showered with treats from the staff.

Raven got to join our recent Panama City trip and stay with us, which is rare but she needed some extra family time.

Jonathan and I enjoyed a date night out at The Edison. A new local restaurant located in Tallahassee's Cascades Park. The food was divine!! A little crowded but if you ask for a more private table the atmosphere is perfect.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I like to update my kitchen chalk board with some holiday cheer. Not sure what I'll draw this year but this was last years creation.

If you like to order your flowers online or if you are looking for something unique check out The Ultimate Rose website. These roses are unreal! But they're real and not painted.

I have been eyeing this book, lately: Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski. I'm told that it is filled with great advice for women in the work place and in a world trying to be run by men. Ordering this book soon, I'll tell you how it is.

Lastly, and certainly not least, I am looking forward to my Texas trip later this month to watch my nephew, Wesley. What a cutie!