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Friday Favorites

Hola Bloggeritos! TGIF!!!
Today, I am linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites.

1) To begin, my 8 year-old self is jumping for joy with the official release of Fuller House on Netflix.  Let the binge watching begin. 

2) My amazing hubby. I've been out of town visiting my nephew, brother, and sister-in-law in Texas and he stayed in Florida to take care of our 3 fur babies. Well, apparently I just do not travel well and I always seem to catch a cold no matter how much Airborne I take (any advice would be grateful) - So I came home sick and he jumped right in to help take care of me. Jonathan, you are definitely a favorite of mine.

3) This Garnier Clearly Brighter AntiPuff Eye Roller. You just roll it on when your eyes are looking a little tired and boom! Its like you've just placed some cucumbers on your eyes and your left with that refreshing feeling and less puffiness. I bought mine through Amazon Pantry.

4) My Metal Ware Corp Aroma Diffuser. I got this one from my favorite l…

Friday Favorites

Hello y'all!! TGIF! No really, Thank all that is Good in this world for Fridays.

Today, I am linking up with some of my most favorite bloggers, Andrea, Erika, and Narci, for Friday Favorites.

I'm a Florida girl through and through, so when temperatures reach 50's and below, I am sure to bundle up, including my hands. My favorite Coach Gloves are on sale for 50% off. I have them in Chocolate but they have them in Black, Classic Red and Violet too. I just know these would become your favorites too.

Apparently, in January, I was late to work and missed the boat to order Girl Scout Cookies. I was so upset. Until my co-worker Sarah came to the rescue and allowed me to order my favorite boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and then I received them the very next day. Christmas all over again!

My Dad was in the Military, so for the first 9 years of my life I lived in Virginia and I was heavy into Girl Scouts. I was a Daisy and then moved up to being a Brownie. I could easily say the Girl S…

Life Lately...

Where did January go? No seriously. I cannot believe that February has arrived so quickly. Life lately has been so full, I think a moment to breath is in order and since we are in a Leap Year, we get 1 extra day to do just that.

So in true Lynsey fashion (totally random), here is a January recap and a little sneak peak into what February has in store.

We started the year off with some hiking. Jonathan has hiked some of the trails at Torreya State Park before as well as camped out here but this particular trail was new to all of us. The terrain was pretty moderate. It was hilly, sandy, and wet at times. The trail was about 6.5 miles. We all loved it.

Later in the month we celebrated this lady right here.

This is Sabrina and she has been in our lives for the last year bringing all sorts of feels and fun to our lives, including movie nights, camping, cooking with tomatoes, tacos and games. She recently accepted a position on the other side of the country in Portland, Oregon, where she wi…