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Manic Monday

It's just another Manic Monday...

Got to love The Bangles. But I don't have to love Monday. I try. I really do. Especially when you have such a fantastic weekend. Monday deserves some loving too, right? Meh.
Miss Eevee was certainly not feeling the end of the weekend. 

What will make this Monday better? Maybe a little retail therapy? These Sole Society LYRIQ  Boots are so cute and they have three different colors to chose from.
Sole Society LYRIQ Boots
This week I will attempt to make Fall arrive a little early at my place. A little fall decor here and there. You never know, maybe the weather will change when it sees all the fall decorations up. 
Happy Monday, y'all!
Xoxo,  Lynsey

Throwback Thursday

To that time... When I fulfilled a three year long dream of traveling across the world to Croatia and Bosnia. I have got to write a post on this soon.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mostar, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Xoxo, Lynsey

I'm going to be an Aunt!

And it's a boy!!! This past weekend I hosted a baby shower, with my brothers mother-in-law, for my sister-in-law. We had a blast!
First of all, I have hosted several baby and bridal showers in my day and I've attended twice as much. So my party planning these days are on point! I am not much into major games and more so into classy, elegant affairs for the ones I love (not that smelling the chocolatey diaper and making toilet paper dresses aren't fun). Plus, my sister-in-law is pretty reserved and wanted something a little more on the quiet side. 
I was going for a burlap inspired, chicy-rustic, boy feel. So I envisioned cut wood, driftwood, burlap and lots of photos of the happy couple as their fresh-faced baby selves. So lets jump into the crafts that I did. 
I made a whole bag of smaller poms that I intended to hang but when it came down to it, it just wasn't going with the feel I had planned all along. I was originally thinking they would bring in the tacky, baby showe…

Lynsey Logic

Have you ever just had that sense, that extra feeling, that puts everything in the right place? For me, that is Lynsey logic. I can't explain it, I just know that whatever "it" is - "it" makes sense to me. So I've decided to write down my logic. All things Lynsey logic. Food logic, clothes logic, technology logic, lifestyle, holidays, relationship logic. I think you get gist. And maybe future me will appreciate looking back and enjoy my random brain.

So, hello, I am Lynsey Marie. I have an amazingly handsome, witty, and talented Husband, Jonathan. We have three fur babies. 
Mika (pronounced Mee-Ka), 7, Coton De Tulear (white, fluffy, hypoallergenic)

Eevee, 4, Rescued mix. Possibly Yorkie mixed with a Jack Russell Terrier

Raven, 3, Tortie Cat with sass.

Warning: Jonathan and I are extremely obsessed with our fur babies. They are our family and they each have such amazing personality. Our future children will come second to our fur babies. Just kidding!