Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays!

And we're back...

Merry Christmas everyone! We had such a wonderful holiday celebrating in Panama City. Jonathan's parents have settled into the hometown I grew up in so it makes for semi-easy travel around the holidays.

On Christmas Eve Eve we traveled the quick 2 hours and dropped off the animals at my Moms house and headed over to the in-laws for the start of the festivities. 

Jonathan's sister Mimi was in town from California. I have not seen Mimi in over a year and a half. We were in charge of decorating the pool house Christmas tree so I put on some Home Alone and we hung out while the parents went to a Christmas Party. It was so great catching up with Mimi.

On Christmas Eve day, us ladies did some last minute shopping while the men stayed home waiting for last minute packages to arrive. In the evening, I helped Papa Lew make the traditional Yin & Yang Caviar spread to represent peace and balance in the new year. This stuff is delicious y'all and I promise to share one day.

Then we topped off Christmas Eve with potluck dinner, wine, card games and more wine! 

Christmas morning, we slept in, watched a little bit of Elf and then headed to my moms house for breakfast casserole and to play with our fur babies.

We headed back to the in-laws for brunch. We had savory bagels and lox and our all time favorite, mimosas. After, it was time to exchange gifts. This is something I am getting used to. Growing up, my brother and I were up before the crack of dawn waiting in each others rooms for dad to tell us that we could come out and see what Santa brought. We were up usually around 5 am dumping our stockings out and then taking turns opening presents. We were early birds, what could i say.

Anywho, about 1pm we exchanged gifts and enjoyed more mimosas by the Christmas Tree.

Mimi received lots of presents that will help her with her job in L.A. She works on film sets. You can watch some of the holiday commercials she's worked on here:

The parents received a new Expresso Machine so we were all enjoying some Tallahassee local Lucky Goat coffee that Jonathan and I brought.

Jonathan and I made out like bandits with some amazing gifts and lots of fun with the family.

We then took some afternoon time to reflect and relax until Christmas Dinner.

We had an amazing steak dinner with asparagus and a veggie medley. Plus some tomatoes. So good!

We played more card games and headed to bed. For the next few days we enjoyed more wine, coffee, and leftovers! 

On Saturday, we went for a boat ride out to Shell Island for a sunset picnic. It was cooler than we anticipated and we all suffered thru the Red Tide. That stuff is no joke people, but we enjoyed it still.

On Sunday, we said our goodbyes and headed home. We had a fantastic Christmas this year and we cannot stop talking about how amazing 2015 has been with life living. I hope you all have had a joyous holiday and I can't wait to share the new year with you.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Follow Friday

Happy Friday Y'all! 

After being slow to the game, my Starbucks has finally started to serve Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Hallelujah! I went straight there this morning and ordered a PSL with 2 pumps of cimmamon dolce syrup, extra whip cream. Yum!! I think I may continue to spice things up a bit in the coming weeks with a Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte.

Also, I will never forget what today is. 14 years later, let us always remember September 11, 2001. To read what I was doing on this day 14 years ago, see my post here, when I linked up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today, for Follow Friday I would like to share a few of my most favorite blogs that I follow.

First off, we have Shay, from Mix and Match Mama.

I honestly can not remember how I came across her blog but somehow after blog surfing I found a post about her recent addition to her family through adoption. I continued reading and found her foodie blog and I was hooked. This Mama knows how to do it all. She is totally a super Mom. She also talks about clothes, makeup, home decor and she is always linking up with some pretty kool ladies as well. So if you don't know her already, head on over to Mix and Match Mama blog and check her out.

Next, we have Julieanne Hough. Yes, I know she is a mega super star. I love her on Dancing with the stars and all the movies she's done. I am just mesmerized every time I see her dance. Well she has a blog

I follow her blog because... 
A) We have the same hair cut.
B) She talks makeup and clothes (that are totally affordable).
C) She blogs about healthy, delicious recipes and fitness tips.
D) She just built her dream house and is about to move in. 
So that means, we get to see some amazing house designs. I am a sucker for a lovely, craftsman style home. Of course, she is also famous so you can read about her Move Live Tour that she just finished up.

Next, we have Audrey Roloff. She is a strong, powerful, inspirational young writer who blogs about her life with her new husband Jeremy, recipes, clothes. Her lifestyle blog is eclectic and fun. She's from Portland, Oregon and lets face it, I am obsessed with the West Coast. Being the Southern lady that I am, I love looking at, reading about and hearing about all things West Coast because, frankly, I haven't really experienced it. She recently just moved from LA back to Oregon to start a new chapter. Good luck, Audrey, I can't wait to read all about it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Melaine of My Sweet Savannah

Y'all, this woman can do it ALL. She has been featured in several magazines for her home designs and decor. She is a DIY queen and has a tour of her home on her blog - take the tour. She can take a piece of old wood and turn it into some serious work of art. No, seriously, check out this post on a reclaimed wood project she recently did. 

Of course, I have loads more blogs that I follow but this post can only be so long. More to come in the future, I'm sure of it. I hope everyone takes the time to check out these amazing blogs and I would love it if you shared your favorite blogs in the comments below. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Xoxo, Lynsey

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Way-Back Wednesday to...

...The 1980s.

Today, I'm heading way back to the 1980s. 

Here is baby lynsey, born in the 1980s.

Ok so here's the thing, I love everything about the 80s; Simple, classy, yet totally cheesy by todays standards. Movies, TV shows, even the fashion has me wondering, can we seriously bring back the 80s?

Are you seeing a theme with my favorite movies and tv shows that I watched and still do? I am the first one to admit, I think I was a strange child. But I loved weird, unusual, and quirky things (still do). 

Don't get me wrong, I loved Barbies, princesses, happily ever afters and I watched the Carebears too but this has definitely played into my adulthood and probably has something my wedding anniversary being October 31st. 

Got to love the big sweaters and big sunglasses.

Definitely dressed myself on this day.

This decade was awesome! Nope. It was like totally radical!!  Pretty much everything from this BuzzFeed. If I could, I would bring back Jellies for my future daughter, I still wear scrunchies (they are so much better for your hair) and every once in a while I'll pop in one of these movies to enjoy. So that is my ode to one of my favorite decades for Way Back Wednesday. What's your favorite decade?

Happy Hump Day, everyone!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Totally Tuesday!

Or as I like to call it, Totes Tuesday.

Because Tuesdays are totes better than Mondays. But I digress. It's September y'all!! And for someone like me who lives in Florida, we can start Fall whenever we want because, clearly, the weather is not going to cooperate. 

September 1st is the start of pumpkins, colorful leaves (well inside my house that is), open windows (sort of), new flower arrangements, scarfs, boots, more hiking, more camping, my favorite movies, my favorite holidays, possible cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes (get it together Starbucks). The list goes on. I'm sure you will get the gist of why I love Fall so much in my future posts. 

For the first time ever, I am "linking up" to one of my favorite bloggers Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. I hope I am doing this correctly. Yikes!

For todays topic - Where were you on September 11th?

I was a freshman in High School and sitting in my English Literature class. I didn't know it then but Ms. Carter, my English teacher, made a huge impact in my life when it comes to reading and writing. Anywho, I used a bathroom pass to go get something from my locker and I over heard people talking in the hallway about a helicopter crashing into a building. I thought it was weird but I went back to class. The bell rang to change classes and everyone was talking about something happening in New York and that something (either helicopter or plane) had crashed into a building. As I walked into my second period typing class, the TV was on the news and I watched, live, as the second plane crashed into the other twin tower. 

I was shocked. Every class, for the rest of the day, had the news on while we quietly worked on lessons. Everyone was gossiping in the hallway in between periods and I was just stunned at what we were seeing. I remember watching videos over and over on the news. It definitely seemed surreal. 

I am sure this day is significant to everyone who experienced it. It was definitely the start of my curiosity into how terrorists tick. For those of you who don't know. I am working on my Masters in International Affairs. A lot of my studies include Terrorism and National Security and digging deep into the effects every single state entity around the world has on each other. This is a huge interest of mine and this probably comes from my military family upbringing. 

We have come a long way since the attacks on September 11th and unfortunately, we have a long way to go. But as always I am ever so proud to be an American and to call the United States of America my home. I will always remember where I was on September 11, 2001.

Amazing picture by Time Magazine of the new 1 World Trade Center

Happy Tuesday's Y'all! 


P.S. OMG someone please tell me if I have done something wrong on here. I hope I am giving credit to where credit is due and properly. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Manic Monday

It's just another Manic Monday...

Got to love The Bangles. But I don't have to love Monday. I try. I really do. Especially when you have such a fantastic weekend. Monday deserves some loving too, right? Meh.

Miss Eevee was certainly not feeling the end of the weekend. 

What will make this Monday better? Maybe a little retail therapy? These Sole Society LYRIQ  Boots are so cute and they have three different colors to chose from.

This week I will attempt to make Fall arrive a little early at my place. A little fall decor here and there. You never know, maybe the weather will change when it sees all the fall decorations up. 

Happy Monday, y'all!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday

To that time...

When I fulfilled a three year long dream of traveling across the world to Croatia and Bosnia. I have got to write a post on this soon.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Mostar, Croatia

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Xoxo, Lynsey