Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays!

And we're back...

Merry Christmas everyone! We had such a wonderful holiday celebrating in Panama City. Jonathan's parents have settled into the hometown I grew up in so it makes for semi-easy travel around the holidays.

On Christmas Eve Eve we traveled the quick 2 hours and dropped off the animals at my Moms house and headed over to the in-laws for the start of the festivities. 

Jonathan's sister Mimi was in town from California. I have not seen Mimi in over a year and a half. We were in charge of decorating the pool house Christmas tree so I put on some Home Alone and we hung out while the parents went to a Christmas Party. It was so great catching up with Mimi.

On Christmas Eve day, us ladies did some last minute shopping while the men stayed home waiting for last minute packages to arrive. In the evening, I helped Papa Lew make the traditional Yin & Yang Caviar spread to represent peace and balance in the new year. This stuff is delicious y'all and I promise to share one day.

Then we topped off Christmas Eve with potluck dinner, wine, card games and more wine! 

Christmas morning, we slept in, watched a little bit of Elf and then headed to my moms house for breakfast casserole and to play with our fur babies.

We headed back to the in-laws for brunch. We had savory bagels and lox and our all time favorite, mimosas. After, it was time to exchange gifts. This is something I am getting used to. Growing up, my brother and I were up before the crack of dawn waiting in each others rooms for dad to tell us that we could come out and see what Santa brought. We were up usually around 5 am dumping our stockings out and then taking turns opening presents. We were early birds, what could i say.

Anywho, about 1pm we exchanged gifts and enjoyed more mimosas by the Christmas Tree.

Mimi received lots of presents that will help her with her job in L.A. She works on film sets. You can watch some of the holiday commercials she's worked on here:

The parents received a new Expresso Machine so we were all enjoying some Tallahassee local Lucky Goat coffee that Jonathan and I brought.

Jonathan and I made out like bandits with some amazing gifts and lots of fun with the family.

We then took some afternoon time to reflect and relax until Christmas Dinner.

We had an amazing steak dinner with asparagus and a veggie medley. Plus some tomatoes. So good!

We played more card games and headed to bed. For the next few days we enjoyed more wine, coffee, and leftovers! 

On Saturday, we went for a boat ride out to Shell Island for a sunset picnic. It was cooler than we anticipated and we all suffered thru the Red Tide. That stuff is no joke people, but we enjoyed it still.

On Sunday, we said our goodbyes and headed home. We had a fantastic Christmas this year and we cannot stop talking about how amazing 2015 has been with life living. I hope you all have had a joyous holiday and I can't wait to share the new year with you.