Stranded With Christmas Movies...

Hi everyone, 

Random post for me but when I saw Shay and Erika's stranded topic today I just had to join in.

So, if I had to take only three Christmas movies with me to watch over and over again on a deserted island they would be:

1) The Holiday

I am so with Shay on this one. I watch this movie all year round. It is a great feel-good comedy with a phenomenal soundtrack.

And it is so beautiful to watch. The cinematography is gorgeous.  I love everything about this movie.

2) Smoky Mountain Christmas

Not very many people have heard of this but Smoky Mountain Christmas is a made for TV movie that I would search and search every year for. Usually it would play on TBS and now it will play on the Hallmark channel. If you love Dolly Parton and especially if you love her new movies Coat of Many Colors or Circle of Love, you would love this movie.

I finally tracked down a DVD (no clue if its bootlegged but I would buy another one if she ever made it on DVD officially) and I watch it several times during christmas. This movie is set in the Great Smoky Mountains and Dolly comes across a bunch of orphans staying in her cabin. They take care of each other and sing fabulous christmas songs that Dolly wrote. I really wish she would make an official soundtrack of all the songs.

So choosing only 3 is NOT easy but here goes...

3. The Polar Express

I am all about magic and mystical around the holidays and The Polar Express has all that and a bag of popcorn. The music, the wonder, doubting and believing again. 

And Josh Groban singing one of the best Christmas songs of ALL time!

Honorable Mentions (I'd totally sneak these on the island too)...

4) The Santa Clause

So I HAVE to include my honorable mentions. It was really tough choosing The Polar Express over The Santa Clause. I grew up with The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause has an enormous amount of magic and I can watch it over and over again but Charlie can be a whiny little kid sometimes so The Polar Express wins.

Gosh, I had a crush on the main Elf standing next to Charlie here. "Elves with Attitude." 

And I cannot go a Christmas without watching Home Alone so this one would sneak on the island with me as well.

5) Home Alone

I mean really great movie. My brother and I stayed home by ourselves all the time growing up. Being in a military family, we took really good care of each other. I'd like to think that this would be us if anyone ever tried to break into our house.

And, my brother got a TalkBoy for Christmas after the second movie came out and we had a blast using the voice changer. 

So those are my movies. I could name so many more but I've already broken the rules with adding honorable mentions. I hope you all can find Smoky Mountain Christmas. Maybe the more people wanting the watch it, the more likely she will officially drop it on DVD. 




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